Of the Fourth Book

I’ve been working on Demon Trappers #4 for some time, but now it’s official! St. Martin’s Press in the US has bought the book. I’m guessing I’ll hear the same of my UK publisher (Macmillan Children’s Books) pretty soon.

Which leads to a series of potential questions from y’all:

1) When will it be out?

Don’t know yet. Will let you know when I hear dates.

2) Are there more books in the series after this one?

Nope. This will wrap up Riley, Beck (etc)’s story.

3) Will there be kissing (snogging for you Brits)?

There might be kissing. Might be a lot more than that. ::grins evilly::

4) Will Riley and Beck get a clue?

Could happen. Providing Beck’s past, Ori and Hell don’t screw it up.

5) Is it true there’s a road trip in the first half of the book?

Looks like there might be.  South Georgia here we come.

6) Title?

We’re working on that.

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    cant wait for it! 🙂 but what date is number 3 out in the uk please??

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    YAAAAAAAAYYY!! I AM SO HAPPY!!! (Yes, Caps were needed). Since book 4 became official just now, I guess that means Forgiven won’t have the first chapters of book 4, right? The Wait is going to kill me </3. Anyway, Go book 4!!!!!

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    @Jana, You are THE BEST!!! =)

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    I can’t wait!

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    Oh I so can’t wait!!

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    Yay!!!!!! Great news.

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    @jana thanks! wooohoo cant wait now 🙂

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    Woo hoo!!! I am very much looking forward to this series continuing as you have envisioned it. I remember a few hints you threw my way about some elements in the later books and I am so excited that everything is going according to plan…. so far. Much love!


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    Hey Jana * waves*

    * scratches head* I thought I left a comment here other day. Oh , only 4 books..eeepppp!! I will have to savour them. So looking forward to reading them. I shall have PABSD ( post awesome book series depression..hehe) when this series is finished.

    Team Beck!!!

    Have a great day!


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    YAY, so glad there is a #4!!! 🙂 But i wish the series would last forever *sigh* I can’t wait for Forgiven to come out! (BECK AND RILEY FOREVER)

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    The FORGIVEN book is already out in the uk, early release.
    Yippy !
    I really hope Riley & Beck get it together, there are made for each other, but keep hitting a brick wall.
    I have a long wait for book 4. xx

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    I just finished reading book 3, it arrived this morning and I could not put it down. I cannot wait for book 4. I’m dying to know what Riley’s, Beck’s and Ori’s future holds. Will Riley finally get to be a Master Trapper? Ooooooo can not wait. Love these books. Jana you rock!

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    Hey folks! I’m back home now and getting out here to read all the comments. You guys are so nice!!!

    I can’t say too much about R & B’s future (or Ori,s for that matter) but all that will be resolved in the final book. There will be joy and there will be tears, that much I can promise.

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    Just finished 3 and now need 4 … I can’t wait!!! 🙂

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    I literally just finished #3, and googled this website so I could find out any potential news for #4. And my night is made! Waiting is going to drive me bonkers, but I’m extremely happy to know #4 will exist sometime in the future. Thank you so much for writing this series — I really have enjoyed it. 🙂

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    @ Liz D – soon, my dear. Very soon!

    @ Erin – Thank you! Luckily the wait for #4 won’t be too long.

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