The books have arrived

on my doorstep!

Win a copy of FORGIVEN (plus some Demon Trapper swag) before you can buy it in the stores! I’ll draw the winners on Wednesday March 21st at 8 p.m. EDT and I’ll contact those folks that very night. Yes, that’s WINNERS. I’ll give away THREE books this time around.

The Rules:

Tell me which character is your fav and why.

One entry only please.

After I contact the winners, if you don’t get back to me with an address by Friday evening at 8 p.m. EDT, I’ll give someone else your book. That would be a bummer.

**US & Canadian residents only**

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72 responses to “FORGIVEN CONTEST!”

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    LOL. I might do some short stories about some of the peripheral characters, depending on my schedule. I do there are some short “backstory” scenes that will be popping up before Book the Fourth is published.

    In particular, that one where Riley (aged 15) gushes all over Beck and he has to shut her down. It’s told from Beck’s point of view and it’s hard one to read for all concerned.

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    My favorite character is Ori. Why? Well because he still is a puzzle to me. We know that he is a fallen angel but how did he become one? Does he really have any feelings for Riley? Ori was also very slick, i didn’t think he was a fallen angel if anything but that. All the other characters are figured out but Ori really isn’t which is why he is my fave.

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    Haven’t started this series yet, but it is on my to do list! From the back of the cover description though I can say I will definitely like Riley!

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    @ Lily – Ori is a puzzle. He followed Lucifer into exile but he’s not quite most of the other Fallen. He’s loyal, but has his own secret dreams and that makes for an intriguing fellow.

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    I’m not entering the contest (haven’t read the previous book(s) in the series yet, I just wanted to say congratulations on the upcoming release!

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    I would have to go with Riley. I’m a daddy’s girl and how Riley is close with him and wants to be as good as he is in trapping, is just like me and my dad. I became a graphic designer after seeing my dads work. Plus if something happened to my father like it does Rileys I would protect him even after death from the demons at all cost.

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    My favorite character is Beck! He is the type of guy I would want in my life! He’s caring and wants whats best for Riley even if it isn’t what she wants! 🙂 Thanks for the contest!

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    My favorite character is Beck. I like how stubburn he is and how he is always there for his friends. He can kick butt and how he can keep his emotions to himself. I like how Beck’s personality really shines through in everything he does whether its demon trapping or drinking and listening to Carrie Underwood. (and I really love you’re books. Thanks for writing!)

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    My favorite character is Riley because she is a strong independent young lady! I also like Beck too!

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    First of all, congrats on the upcoming release!!

    This may sound predictable, but Riley is honestly my favorite character of this series – one of my favorite characters in any series, actually. Having lost her only living-family member at such a young age, in my eyes, she was the strongest, most determined individual in the book. Not only that, but she had this apparent vulnerability about her, which I really admired. Sure, she was a badass, sharp-mouthed heroine who preferred to deal with her problems on her own, but she couldn’t hide the fact that, at the end of the day, being alone wasn’t the greatest feeling. She needs people in her life, she needs love – and that’s what made her character the most relatable, and one of my favorites. 🙂

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    I would have to say Beck, I love how protective he is of Riley. I wish he would realize how is protectiveness is his love for her! Obviously I kind of love the will they won’t they part…. 😉

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    I love Riley. She is one amazing leading lady 🙂
    Now she finally needs to spend lots of time with leading man Beck and it would be perfect!

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    Fav character
    Riley, I love how she never gives up and tries her hardest
    How she made her dad proud
    I do love seeing my dad looking at me with proud in his eyes and I love how strong she is even when things weren’t going really well for her and she kicks ass ^_^

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    @ Tanya – you can enter the contest whether you’ve read the books or not, my dear. And thanks!

    @ Kristen – graphic designers are cool. I have some friends in the field and they are very creative.

    @ Kylee – Riley and Beck spend some time together in FORGIVEN. I can’t say it goes really well…at first. They DO spend a lot of time together in Book #4, however (grins)

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    Okay, I’ll have my personal assistant generate some random numbers and see which of you are going to receive a copy of FORGIVEN.

    Talk among yourself….

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    And the winners are…..

    Malinda Chaney


    Grace Lo


    Please email me at jana(dot) oliver (at) with the following:

    Mailing address
    How you’d like your book personalized

    Thanks to everyone who entered. I’ll be running more contests down the line (like for Demon Trapper Tee Shirts and other goodies) so if you didn’t win this time, you’ll have another go.

    Also, I’m so humbled by how much you like Riley, Beck and company. Your insights as to your fav characters meant a great deal to me.

    Hugs to you all!!!

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    Since so many people entered I decided to give away four books. Remember, the winners need to email me by Friday at 8 p.m. EDT or someone else will be picked and you’ll be very sad 🙁

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    Jana, I would LOVE to read Beck’s point of view! He seems really deep. I wonder what he went through as a soldier. Maybe highlight how he matured over time.

    By the way, I hope you give an epilogue at the end of Foretold!!! It would be awesome!

    Please, please, please write it as soon as possible! And a tip: Don’t have Riley and Beck acting all lovesick and gushy all the time-blech. Some action would be great. Maybe Beck can show off his army mojo. he’s TOTALLY ripped.

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    Yo Grace!!! Contact me, dear. You have until 8 p.m. tonight (FRI).

    I’m good with romancy stuff, but I’m a battle scene kinda girl (no surprise there). So there is at least one big battles in #4 where folks get to heroic and some other stuff happens too (smiles).

    The manuscript is all written, I’m cleaning it up now and it goes to my US editor the end of this month. Hopefully you folks will see it later this autumn.

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    I love the series and am already ready for book four. What is the esitmated realease date? thanks for such a wonderful series.

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    @ Rachel – Thanks!!! I’m not sure when the US release date will be yet. Sorry! I’m hoping it’s sometime later this year, but the publisher sets the date, not me.

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