FORGIVEN Book Signing

The book launch for FORGIVEN was held the last day of March (didn’t want to be an April fool) at one of my favorite Barnes & Noble stores.

So on to the report:

About thirty some souls came by to hear me talk about the series, read a section from the last book (the fourth one) and answer questions. Many of these folks were friends of mine, but I got to meet new readers as well. One young lady (Amanda) and her mom drove two hours to come to the signing. I was so jazzed!

One young lady and her mom drove two hours down to Atlanta to attend the launch. Then they joined us for a trip to a local pub for dinner and conversation.

After the signing we adjourned to a local pub (The Firkin and Gryphon) which readily accommodated THIRTEEN of us with no hassle. We chose to sit outdoors because the weather was so nice. Other than a very persistant carpenter bee (boy, those things are big) it was comfortable and critter-free.

We settled in for comfortable conversation, good food and a very pleasant time. Looking down the long table I was reminded how infinitely blessed I am to be surrounded by such wonderful and loving people.

This was especially poignant as I’d just heard that another friend had passed away the night before, far before his time. It was a reminder that our days are short, that friends are dear, and one should always take time to celebrate life.

For all of you who came to the signing (and to Alan and the staff at B&N — you guys rock!) thank you so much for sharing in my crazy stories. It’s all the more meaningful because you’re journeying along with me.

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    Hi, I live in India ( and no, I don’t meet snake-charmers everyday!) and I’m a big fan of the Demon Trapper series…When will “Forgiven” hit bookstores in India? I’m pretty tired of the fact that most books come to India ages after their UK/US release and would be jazzed if this one arrived within April πŸ™‚

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    @ Suchisubhra –

    Hi! I’m so happy you’re enjoying the series.

    When will it be in India? That’s a very good question. I have no idea. Technically the UK edition is distributed your country so I’ll check with that editor to see if she knows. That might be entirely out of her hands.

    One option is to order the books online from who delivers to India and does not charge postage (smile).

    You know, when I visited your lovely country in 1998 I never saw a snake charmer, either. πŸ˜‰

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    Thanks for letting me know about I’ll definitely try to get it from them. In case I can’t , I hope to be able to get it soon … thanks a ton ! πŸ™‚

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    Good hunting!

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    Ugh! Just got the book, just finished the book. The book was GREAT, but Justine is a witch!

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    Hi! I just finished the third book and it was AMAZING! and I totally agree with nellie, justine is a witch! I was wondering tho, if you’re ever doing a book signing in Toronto, Canada? It would be incredible to meet you and maybe even hear that sneak peek to the fourth book πŸ™‚ also, when is the fourth book coming out?

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    @ Nellie – LOL. Justine is a pain, isn’t she?

    @ Kamila – Thank you! (takes bow)

    I’m not currently scheduled for a signing in Toronto, but should I be I’ll be sure to announce that far and wide. I was just sitting next to a reader from Toronto today at the Readers’ Event in Milwaukee, WI.

    The fourth book will most likely be out in Fall 2012. No word on what it’ll be called. I’m hoping it’ll be FORETOLD.

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    That would be awesome! I was thinking it was probably going to be next year, but hey, Fall 2012? I’m not complaining. Especially since my bday is in October πŸ˜‰
    About the book signing, I really do hope you can come someday soon. I know my friends would totally go too because they love your books.
    Anyways, Congrats on your book release and hope to hear from you soon.

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    I love the books! I gave them to my friend to read, and she became obsessed with them. πŸ˜€ We really want to know if there will be another book after forgiven.

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    You know what? I just realized that you have already answered my question. LOL. So never mind. haha. Can’t wait for it to come!

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    I would have come to your book signing but Australia is a little far from Atlanta. I love the Demon Trapper series and I can’t wait for the fourth book. Glad to hear it will be this year – I too was expecting it to be next year.

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    When will the fourth final book be out in the demon trapper series? In Canada and the USA that is.

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    I absolutely LOVED Forgiven and can’t wait for the next book.Justine is one evil chick I want Riley to put her in check .LOL.

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    Okay – so the word is that the fourth book (in the US) will be called FORETOLD (like it is in the UK). I have no publication date yet, but I’m guessing late fall (which means anywhere from Oct-Nov). Once I hear, I’ll let you guys know.

    @ Aliyah – there are a number of ways I could kill off Justine and trust me, it’s be very tempting (LOL)

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    I loved the series, have yet to read the third book but I’m exited for it! I wanted to know if you can or are doing a signing in new york city? I’m a total book junkie and your books have grabbed my attention from the first word. So, I’d love to meet you. Thanks. πŸ™‚

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    I’m trying to put together an event in early December in NYC. Should it come to pass, I shall let everyone know.


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    great articles, i hope you keep posting these nice and good examples.

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