In Which I Reveal an Award!

I’ve been sitting on a secret for about a month now and I can finally reveal it. And it is truly awesome.

The first book in the German edition of the Demon Trappers Series, which is entitled Die Dämonen Fängerin: Aller Anfang ist Hölle (The Demon Catchers: Every Beginning is Hell) is the 2011/2012 Moerser Jugendbuch Jury novel of the year!

A community of teens (those in the Moerser Jugendbuch Jury and from local schools) were invited to read the 20 selected novels in a three month period. Then they voted on their favs from a list (click on Aktuelle Titel link on the left of the MJJ page to see the books). That list included such names as John Connolly, Beth Revis, Jackson Pearce, Kathy Reichs, Brenna Yovanoff and myself.

At a special event held last Friday at the library in Moers, the winner was announced! (Photos of the event are available on their Facebook page. It looked to be a blast.)

Not only am I thrilled my book was chosen for this award, I am so heartened to see teens actively engaged in reading, discussing and critiquing books. The next generation needs agile minds and these young folks are taking the lead.

The event was even reported on the local news (the segment begins at 5:58). You can click the third link down to jump directly to the segment.  (Moerser Jugendbuchjury feiert Abschluss [02:34min]

Tanja Seelbach, Fiction Editor

Tanja Seelbach, my lovely German editor at Fischer FJB, was so kind as to collect the award for me and translate my acceptance speech for approximately one hundred attendees. The award will be headed toward Georgia where it will be displayed with considerable pride. It is my first international award and I will always treasure it.

So I offer my thanks to all those young adults who read my book, found that Riley has a story to tell and helped make Aller Anfang ist Hölle the book of the year. I also thank all the librarians and organizers for hosting such a wonderful event and for encouraging young readers to explore the world of great fiction.

Bless you all!

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    YAY!! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you.
    It is a great series:)

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    This is so awesome!! Congratulations Jana!! 🙂
    (Of course we’re not suprised you won!!)

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    This UTTERLY rocks! 😀 Well done and congratulations and those kids sure know a good thing when they see it and read it.

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    This series was so wonderful. I am 13 years old and read alot, and this book is my new and up most favorite. Right now I am reading Forgiven, and so I am so excited. In the future i wish to be a writer, and hope I can write like you. You deserved that reward, and nobody should deny it. Congradulations.

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    Woohoo! Congratulations on your wonderful news.

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    […] John Connolly, Beth Revis, Jackson Pearce, Kathy Reichs, Brenna Yovanoff and myself.”–Jana Oliver, author of Demon Trapper […]

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