The Newest Member of the House

It has been three years since our last cat shuffled off this mortal coil and we’d both said we weren’t going to have any more pets. We love them, but they tear us apart when they move on. Every. Single. Time.

Fast forward to late last fall when I decided that there was something missing in my life. Yup, you got it: a furry buddy. I did extensive research into rabbits, spurred along by the revelation that a certain (SPOILER ALERT) has a bun-bun. The more I read the more I realized these guys are more challenging to raise so that changed my mind. (Disclaimer – we did raise rabbits when we were on the farm, but they were not ::cough:: pets. Enuf said…)

I continued to prowl animal shelter sites like a gambling addict looking for a hot poker game. And found Dolly. She’s not a young sprite (6-1/2 years old) and she’s not black and white (like the last two cats) but she is way cool. She’s a tiger kitty so she was promptly renamed Dali after Ilona Andrews‘ were-tiger in the Kate Daniels Series. Dali (the character) is a white tiger so I’m stretching things a lot, but it works in my mind. Just go with it, okay?

I went over to see Dali at her foster mom’s home on May 3rd and found she is a shy kitty. It took some time to coax her out from under the bed. I was allowed one head pet and then she backed off to study me. We played with a ribbon for quite some time, but clearly this cat is going to be one for whom I will have to earn her trust. Which is totally unlike the previous feline resident, Midnight, who wandered out of the cat carrier, jumped up on the closest kitchen chair, licked all her fur back in place and fell asleep. She was so laid back that I had a dinner party a week after she arrived.

Not so with with this little lady. Dali is going to need considerable time to adjust to us. I suspect, however, once that trust is earned it will be unshakable. I decided that day to adopt her, but then personal events took precedence so I asked her foster mom to keep Dali until our private life settled down. It finally did this last Sunday, so….

I present the new cat** in the Oliver household. She’s still spooked (who wouldn’t be) but is settling in. She is taking things very slow, preferring to remain in the den for the time being. She’ll wander into my office every now and then, but any little noise freaks her out.

She has begun a major charm offensive with the husband (who was not involved in this cat selection, unlike previous times). Once the new office is done, if she’s comfortable with the idea, she’ll be going portable with me to my writer’s cottage where she can keep an eye on the ground squirrels and the neighborhood cats.

All is right in the world. I’ll give you Dali updates every now and then as time and interest permit. Thanks for welcoming her to her new home.

** Jean Marie Ward refers to her new cat as her Feline Overlord or The Management. Both of those make sense if you’re a cat “owner.”

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    Hi Jana,

    I do have pussy cats–five of “them.” Mind you, I’m not sure if I have them, or “they” have me. But I have grown to really love, them, as does George. They are a lot of comfort for him, especially “Squeak,” the female half of “Pip and Squeak.” She sits on the arm of his recliner only–doesn’t come to me. Slut!

    I had some good news today. My DARKER SIDE OF THE MOON “They” Are Watching us his number 8 and 9 for genres at Amazon UK this morning. It’s been in Top 100 for some time. No idea why it suddenly moved up, but hey, who’s complaining! Here’s the link, but if you don’t get this for a day or so, it’ll be totally over with, I’m sure.

    But regardless, the book is doing well. Nonfiction UFO books seem to sell!

    Congratulations on your new hair ball. She’s a cuties. And yes, I know how gut wrenching it is to lose one of those furry little parasites. I remember each and every one I’ve ever had, and there is always pain when I see pictures of them. Years later, and I still miss them–all of them! What purpose does grief lasting so long serve, I wonder. It does make it hard to want to get another pet, because it’s so painful when they go. But then, they’ve had full happy little lives. And I’m sure wherever cats go (and I’m hoping it’s not back to their true master, Satan), I think they think fondly of us. See what I mean? I really mustn’t let the little monsters get to me like that! Back you demon spawn! Back! What’s that? you want your snacks????? (Oh, yes, mine have to have their cat snacks three times a day.)

    Again, glad you have Dali. Are you going to take her on a trip to “El Salvador” some day? (Get it? “Salvador?) 🙂

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    Jana, Dali is lovely and I really love her name!! And as soon as she’s gotten used to her new surroundings and owners she’ll be your new fur baby!! Congratulations for your new family addition!!
    Tracy xoxox

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    She’s lovely! I’m so happy you have a new family member/overlord and she has a forever home! Congratulations, Oliver family!

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    @ Rob – congratulations on your book’s success. That rocks. And why did I know you’d be the one to do the Salvadore thing? LOL. Sounds like you do indeed have lots of furry Overlords to keep an eye on you. That’s probably a good thing.

    @ Tracy – Thanks. She’s definitely a cautious one. And the husband has learned that lying on the couch in his work pants = need for a lint roller. Ha!

    @ Jessica – We’re quite pleased. Dali hasn’t said much about the change, but I haven’t noticed her trying to leave, so that’s a good sign.

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    She is a beautiful kitty. We adopted two brothers from an animal hospital. They had already lost the other brother. They’ve been such a joy. My husband, who never allowed the dog or kids in the room at night, now lock the kitties up in our bedroom so they’ll sleep with us. One of them became ill a couple of weeks ago, they told us he wouldn’t make it, but he pulled through. They think he ate a spider that was poisonous. Of course, it was three days and $700.00 later that we came to that conclusion. 🙂

    Enjoy your new baby!

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    @ Ciara – It’s bad enough to have to worry about poisonous plants, now there’s that whole spider thing. Geez. I have heard that cats have Nine Lives and that each one costs at least $1K each. I think your little guy must have used up one of his. Glad to hear he pulled through.

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