Denver Beck’s attempts to keep Riley away from his hometown and his past are about to prove futile. Will she still love him once she knows his darkest secret? And what old enemies are just waiting to even old scores?

I’m so thrilled that the fourth (and final) book in the series has a gorgeous cover that echoes the haunting beauty of South Georgia’s Okefenokee Swamp.

I love it! What do you folks think?

** FORETOLD will be published in the US on Dec 11, 2012

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    Beautiful cover! Cannot wait to read it!

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    Awesome! Looks great! Cant wait to read it!

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    Absolutely breathtaking!

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    It looks great. Loving the blue, trees and swamp.

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    This is just fantastic! I know I commented on FB about it, but still. I cannot wait to see what the story will tell!! Beck and Riley <3 The colors for this book are phenomenal, and the photography as well!

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    I love this so much. Everything about it is perfect. This is my favorite of all of the covers. ♥ I love that we get to see the swamp and that Riley’s holding a sphere. 😀

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    Yes,yes,yes! I have been waiting to see this cover since I heard that there was going to be a forth book. This is amazing, and the cover is phenomenal. Everything is just right!

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    Wow it’s gorgeous. Love the colors.

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    Only December? YES!!!! All the shinies have been getting set to dates like autumn 2013 and such nonsense, but I can live with this. SO EXCITED!!!
    And old scores??? Who, oh who, could that be???

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    Oooh! Gorgeous cover, can’t wait to read it:)

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    I LOVE the cover. This and the first book have my favorite covers for sure. I am so sad and excited for Foretold. I’ll get everything I have been wanting (I hope) but I will be saying goodbye as well. Oh the agony! I love you for it.

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    Perla – I’m the same way — sad and excited. Sad that the story will be over but excited to see what everyone things of the ending. It’s so hard to tell Riley and Beck to stop chattering in my mind and move onto a new story with new characters, etc. That pair are so strong it’s a struggle.

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    May be you will give us a short story peek into their future somewhere down the line. No? Okay, but I will continue to live on the hope of seeing them again sometime down the line. It’s the only way I can say goodbye I think.

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    Depending on my writing schedule, I would like to do a short story with them as a gift to the readers for the holidays. I just have to figure where to place it in the timeline.

    Sometime in August I will be releasing a prequel scene (two years before the first book begins). That is the infamous “Riley tells Beck how cool she thinks he is and comes on to him and he boots her to the curb” scene. It’s from Beck’s point-of-view and explains a lot about why he had no choice (besides her age). I’ll also be releasing a couple outtake scenes that didn’t make it into FORGIVEN that I think folks might like.

    It’s going to be tough to walk away from this pair, that’s for sure.

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    I know I’m technically not in this conversation, but I think that sounds great. I’ve wanted to hear some more about Beck and Riley for some time now. I totally agree, I’m going to have a hard time letting go of these guys. I’m sure I’ll be reading these books all the way through high school- maybe into college- , and I’m now just going into the eighth grade. *sheepish smile* This is most definitely my favorite series in the world… You’ve done a great job with them.

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    Oh yeah, I’d totally love to see some Riley+Beck outtakes!! Basically I’m excited for all the extra bits you’re willing to show us. 😀

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    @ Nellie – Everyone is included in the conversation, so no problem. And thank you so much for the high praise!

    The biggest problem for me writing additional scenes and short stories for the series was the rapid time period in which I had to write the books. I’d be working on a new one while going through revisions on the previous book, the copy editing and galley proofs. There was this sort of work required for both in the UK and the US. The UK’s edits were less intensive, but I found myself with little time to do little spin off stories.

    I do hope that now the series is pretty much done I can do a few of those. That would be fun.

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    I do understand the shortened time span to wrote the books. I just finished my first book in december, and I sort of left the series alone for a while. My mom kept prodding me to print the book. I did and started editing. For me, it was incredibly boring doing the editing. It was only boring, though, because I knew everything that was happening and everything that was going to happen. Eventually I just gave up, and my mom took over. Once she finishes editing I realize that I will have to read it sometime, but, for the moment, I am working on the second book in the series. Right now I have 110 pages in the second book, because I write ten pages everyday except for sundays. I’m so thankful that I’m not the one currently editing my book, but my mom does sometimes come in during my writing time and talk to me about a few of the things I need to fix in the original. My mom is a great person to work with. The best part is that she understands what I’m trying to say to her when she has questions about the book.

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    Oh man, I never thought we’d get to read the “kicked to the curb” scene. It’s soooo important to Riley and Beck’s dynamic. I know that it will be hard knowing that we’ve completed their story, and it will be so special to read anything with them and see how Atlanta has changed since we last see them. But I am also excited to see what new thing you dream up. This has been an awesome ride.

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    @ Nellie – I’m the opposite. I love the editing part as I finally see the story on paper and I can start to layer in all the extra goodies I missed the first (or more) time around.

    @ Perla – I had wanted to include the “kicked to the curb” scene in FORGIVEN, but there wasn’t room so I saved it back for later. It lays out exactly where Beck’s head is at that moment and how a bit overly gushy Riley was and why that spooked him. Once folks know his entire backstory, they’ll understand why he freaked out. The opportunity Paul offered him is the only lifeline he’ll ever receive and he’s afraid he’ll lose that if he steps one foot wrong with the man’s daughter. Of course, by doing what he did, he set up consequences between him and Riley down the road. Beck just couldn’t win no matter what he decided.

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    That sounds so great, I can’t wait to read it! I do agree with the seeing your book on paper thing. I want to read it, I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. Maybe once I forget a little bit of what happens it’ll be more interesting for me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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    I love how twisted up in knots Beck gets- no fun for him, but it makes him very swoon-worthy.

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    When I first started writing him, I had NO clue he had as deep a backstory has he has. All my characters have such a story, but his had so many layers to it. He is truly one of the coolest and most troubled characters I have ever written. I’m gonna miss that Georgia boy.

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    Perla- I do too. I love the picture you have by the way 🙂

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    Nellie- I have no idea how it’s there!

    Jana- I couldn’t be happier how Beck ended up developing for you. I’ve (ok, all your readers) reaped all the rewards.

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    its the PERFECT cover for this! man, i love it, seeing the boat and the trees and riley running away from the camera makes it look, so spooky and mysterious and stuff! i can’t wait till its released in December! 😀

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    Hi, I’m new to this conversation, but I wanted to say that I LOVE The Demon Treappers series. I cannot wait to read the final book and find out what happens. Jana I really enjoyed reading the books, and I just want to say thank you. 🙂

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    and i can just imagine what the *kicked to the curb* story is, Riley an overly-gushy-creepy teenager all over beck this super hot hunk! i just am SO IN-LOVE with this series!! 🙂

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    i also agree with perla on wanting a farther down the line story on how the bonnie and clide of the demon trapper world is doing!

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    oooo, yes, please do a “meanwhile, down the line story” I won’t be able to give up the series: Beck and Riley are just too interesting to bear

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    The cover is absolutely perfect! I’ll never forget the first time I started reading the series. I sort of stumbled across it on my Nook while looking for something good to read, and once I read the description, I fell absolutely in love. I bought the book, and ended up finishing it the same day. I’ve waited for this book to come out since the series began, but I’ll have to admit that I really am gonna miss the characters. Whenever I read the books, I found myself laughing, or anticipating the outcome of a situation and I’m gonna miss it. But hey, “if there is no end, than there can be no beginning,” so it’s worth it.

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    -and that would so rock if we got a “kicked to the curb” scene and a “meanwhile, a couple years down the line” short story! I love this series and I’m just not yet ready (nor will I ever be) to let go. Thank you so much for writing and creating this series!

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    Thank you so much!!!

    I’ll definitely post the “kicked to the curb” scene. It’s really bittersweet. You feel so sorry for both of them as they really had no choice in their actions.

    I’ll have to do some seriously noodling to figure out where we’re be in about a year or two down the line. I have some ideas, the trick is if they’d make a good story.

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    I am so excited about the book. The cover is absolutely beautiful and I can not wait to have it in my hands. It is also my favorite color -blue. So that makes it that much greater.
    The plainness of the white tank is really a nice touch, too. Because Riley never seemed to care to much for fashionable clothes, so that definitely seems like her. I also like the sphere, I know that for the U.S. covers for the rest of the books there was always a sphere in it. It is nice that it will be that consistent part throughout. It really is designed so perfectly for the last book in the series.
    However, and I have said this many a times about many a books, though the cover is extraordinary, the inside is what will have everyone reeled in like a fish on a hook…..So to speak. 😉

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    love it and I am a fify something Mom

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