Of Cats & Quirks

As you may know, we recently adopted a shelter cat, Dali, and I promised folks an update on how she’s adjusting. I have to say it’s not been dull.

Dali has some unique traits about her. For one, when the shelter shaved her to determine if she was spayed, the hair never grew back so she has this vast expanse of pink skin across her tummy. And down the insides of both legs, because she is meticulously grooming these areas, which is why the hair didn’t grow back. The vet and I agree that this over-zealous grooming might cease once she’s less stressed. Also, I’m adding some Bach’ s Rescue Remedy (thanks for the tip, Michelle!) to her water. Time will tell if any of this works.

She has a fondness for all things plastic and baggy so I’ve had to de-plastic the house. If not she’ll spend endless time lick-lick-licking the plastic which has the ability to drive me batty. Fortunately she doesn’t seem inclined to eat the bag, which is an entirely worse situation.

The vet also believes that Dali is older than the 6-1/2 years the shelter believed, though the paperwork broke down the age to months and days, which is kind of interesting. She might be closer to 9 0r 10, but that doesn’t matter to us. Other than that, she’s a healthy little thing so now all we have to do is keep her that way.

Being a skittish kitty, it took Dali a long time to venture out of the kitchen/den area and explore. When she did find my office, it was in quiet little forays, followed by frantic dashes back to her “safe spot” if I so much as creaked my office chair. Then she discovered the shredding box I keep for my writing efforts.  This box fascinated her and no matter how many times she checked it out, she kept coming back to it. And staring into like it held the wonders of the universe. Finally she freaked me out so I put another box on top of it and she’s forgotten about The Most Beautiful Thing in the world, for the moment that is. Thank goodness.

Finally today I coaxed her up on my mound of “I shall file these someday” papers on my desk and she deigned to settle there for a time. But not too long. Usually she’s asleep on the couch or the den’s floor or in the big west window in my office, playing solar collector. Or chasing a cat toy around the floor. We’ve learned she’s not hot on being brushed and attempts to move her to wet food have been an #epicfail.

Such is life with a cat. She and the spouse have bonded (yes!), she’s pleasant company, not much weirder than we are (providing I keep the shredding box covered) and not destructive. All in all, that’s the best you can hope for.

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    Yay you for adopting a shelter cat. I’m taking our newest addition, Dax, to the vet today. He’s settled in quite nicely and slept in the crook of my arm all night.

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    Aww, my cat (which my ex kept in our separation) would sit and stare at the dishwasher for hours on end. He’s kind of sit in a hover/crouch position and not let his eyes wander. It didn’t matter if it was on or off. It would freak me out sometimes!

    Glad that Dali is settling in though! I’m looking forward to hearing some more fun/interesting/weird stories :p

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    I love Cats. My first cat (Socks) we got from Animal Aid, my second cat (Kit) from a friends sister, he was the runt of the litter and so tiny. After lots of begging to b/f I finally got my way and we got to take him home.
    Kit is still a nervous cat, (he is only ever around us and is indoor so he doesn’t experience the noise of outside) but is getting better. He love plastic too, bags, wrappers and likes to get in them, or lick them. He will sit for hours and stare out the window, and will also watch food cook in the oven, we really don’t need to time it as every time he will meow when the food is ready to come out, but set the timer anyway and he has never once let us down 🙂

    He is not really interested in cat toys, but likes chasing alls of foil, playing fetch with hair bobbles or a teat brush from a bottle brush set.

    I love the imperious face of Dali where she is sitting on the papers.

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    Kit sounds like a blast. I wish my cat could do the oven timer thing. She’s just very good at hairballs, so far. Hopefully she’ll lose that talent somewhere down the line 😉

    And she does imperious very well. Oh yeah.

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    Dali is just adorable! As for quirks, they’re what make cats so fascinating (to me, at least). Our cat, Hoshi, still likse to chew and eat plastic, and consistently drowns all catnip and plush toys in her water dish. (Our vet has no explanation…). Our little one, Fuji, will only sit at a certain angle in laps, and gets annoyed if the lap configuration changes in any way. They both are bored by traditional cat toys, but LOVE iPhones, eyeglasses, pens, and TV remotes as “bat around” toys. Albeit small cats, they have proven more than capable of destroying large panels of mini-blinds and cannot be left alone with a Christmas tree. I’m not sure how we made it through life before adopting these two!

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