What’s New In Demon Trapper Books

To bring everyone up to speed, here’s the upcoming publication schedule (worldwide). Should I hear more or the link for the French edition becomes available, I’ll update this page pronto.

Aug. 2FORETOLD (United Kingdom – Macmillan Children’s Books)
Sept. 1FORETOLD (Australia – Pan Macmillan)
Sept. 26SEELENRAUB (Book #2 – hardcover – Germany – Fischer FJB)
ALLER ANFANG IST HÖLLE (Book #1 – paperback edition- Germany – Fischer FJB)
Oct. 19 – SOUL THIEF (Devil City Book #2 – France – Castelmore)
Dec. 11FORETOLD (U.S. & Canada – St. Martin’s Griffin)

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Article written by Jana

11 responses to “What’s New In Demon Trapper Books”

  1. YAY we are getting it first!!!!. Part of me can’t wait to read Foretold, but the other part is sad to see the series come to an end.

  2. ugh why must we suffer and be tested so? december???

  3. There was no way I could wait until December. I just pre-ordered my copy from Amazon UK.

  4. This is so exciting. I have a friend in the UK I just sent an email to about your series.

  5. Just finished Foretold.
    Definitely my fav book out of the series!
    Really loved how the story was wrapped up!!

    Already curious bout your next work. Reading Foretold I’m wondering if you’re up to venture into criminal genre?! Thumps up!

  6. @ Jordan – Sorry!!!

    @ Ciara – Thanks so much for mentioning the series to your friend.

    @ Lara – I’m a real fan of murder mysteries so there is always some element of a mystery in my books, even if they’re paranormal. Someday I will write a straight-up crime drama, I know it.

  7. I can’t wait! but December is far away … :(

  8. omg! Im gunna cry!!! i cant wait till december for the next book! especially when its written by my new favourite author!!!! Jana Oliver you are a genius, you crafted the perfectly balanced series. all the danger, drama, death, catfights, (Riley and Beck seriously need to fix that in the last book. and i swear they need to start dating. they both know that graveyeard kiss was more than Becks comfort) sadness and WHO could forget about all the steamy romance?? this book was impossible to put down. being the big bookworm that i am being a favourite is hard to do but Jana, you made it look easy

  9. @ Sydni –
    Thank you! Deep down, both Riley and Beck know that kiss in the cemetery (as well as Beck’s claim he can’t live without her) is a big deal. He’s just afraid and he has reason to be given his past.

  10. by us in Austria is foretold coming in 10 days.
    I’m really looking forward to it. I can hardly wait!
    It is the best book series I’ve ever read…

    love ya Jana you are the best author on the world!!!

  11. @ Mary – I can’t wait for Book #3 (and #4) to come out in Austria and Germany. Hope you enjoy them!

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