International Demon Trappers Contest

Remember that international contest I promised when I hit 2,220 followers on Facebook? I figured if I stalled long enough I might pick up some French and German copies of the second book in the Demon Trappers Series. And lo! they have arrived.

The contest particulars:

  • Leave a comment (in any language) about why you love (or dislike) the Demon Trappers Series. I’m hoping for the former, but sometimes you never know. 😉

  • On DECEMBER 19th (Wedesday) at midnight Eastern Standard Time I’ll cut off entries and pick four winners. Those winners have a choice of one of the following plus some lovely Demon Trappers goodies:


    Aller Anfang ist Hölle: Riley Blackthorne – Die DĂ€monenfĂ€ngerin 1 in either hardcover or CD audio book

    Aller Anfang ist Hölle: Riley Blackthorne – Die DĂ€monenfĂ€ngerin 1 in paperback

    Seelenraub: Riley Blackthorne – Die DĂ€monenfĂ€ngerin 2 in hardcover

    FRENCH EDITIONS (paperback)

    Devil City – Book 1
    Devil City – Le Voleur D’Âmes – Book 2

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      Yay! what i’ve been waiting for 🙂 I haven’t read the fourth book yet because my mom is keeping it for christmas, but I can tell already that it is going to be wonderful. I can’t that you enough for writting this amzing series.Riley, Beck, and of course- my favorite- Stewart, never cease to amaze me. Good look with all of your wonderful projects!

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      My daughter and I love the series! We read Foretold in a little over a day. It was so good we couldn’t put it down. Riley and Beck as well as the rest of your wonderful characters grabbed us from the start and never let go. Look forward to your short story about them, and hope there will be more in the future.

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      To the list of entrants I’m adding Bernadette Ravese who had difficulty posting on this page and let me know that fact on Facebook.

      Will be announcing the winners within the hour.

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      Okay – here we go!
      The following folks are winners. (Those who are not winners read this entire post as there’s something for you as well!)

      The winners are:

      Please email me at the following address (periods and “at” removed to deal with the spambots :

      jana (dot) oliver (at) janaoliver (dot) com

      Let me know the following by Sunday, Dec 23rd.

      1) Which book edition you would like (see above choices)
      2) Full address including all postal codes, etc.

      All of you who didn’t win: send me an email at the above address and I’ll pop some Demon Trappers’ goodies in the mail to you. Those will include a Biblio-Fiend postcard, Demon Trappers guild patch and a DT wings sticker.

      Thanks to everyone who entered. Your comments made my heart very happy.

      Have a wonderful holidays and a joyous New Year!


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      Oops — that’s a Klepto-Fiend postcard, not one of the Biblios. Sorry.

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      Congrats to all the winners! However thanks to Jana’s generosity we’re all winners in this!!

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      Yeah congrats to the winners !! And also, thank you Jana for this gift !

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