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Here’s the songs I listened to as I wrote the latest Riley and Beck adventure (see Spotify playlist embed below):

O Come O Come Emmanuel (Enya) – the book is set right before Christmas and it’s even snowing in Atlanta.

Arise (E.S. Posthumus) is a song for Riley’s latest demonic encounter.

Wanted (Hunter Hayes) – I can imagine Beck humming this tune when he’s thinking of Riley.

Ulaid (E.S. Posthumus) — But things are afoot in Scotland as well.

Start A Fire (Unspoken) — Simon Adler (Riley’s ex-boyfriend) returns in MIND GAMES. After he nearly died in the first book, then had his mind screwed over by an evil Archangel, he’s been on a sabbatical, trying to come to grips with his loss of faith. This song indicates that his quest was a success. I, for one, am thrilled that Simon is BACK and way more badass than before.

It’s You (Michelle Branch) — No matter how bad things get, Riley and Beck are a team, a love forged in both the good times and bad.

Invictus (Immediate) – Because this song is a great background to demon trapping!

The Fire (Sons of Midnight) — This song reminds of the fire of love that burns bright between Riley and her guy.

Stars Align (Lindsey Stirling) — I’m a lover of Lindsey’s music, so it seemed only fair to include this song in the playlist. In many ways, stars do begin to align in this book for reasons I cannot tell you (yet).

The Avengers (Alan Silvestri) seems to fit the moment when Riley, Beck and Simon confront a certain demon.

The witches and the summoners are up to their old tricks in MIND GAMES, so Earth Wind and Sky (Blackmore’s Night) is perfect for them!

Writing battle scenes is never easy. To get in the right mood I have to listen to certain songs. For the one near the end of the book I used:

160 BPM (Hans Zimmer) from his Angels and Demons album. It just fits the series (and this book) so well. This one could easily be included in every Demon Trappers’ playlist.

Indra (E.S. Posthumus) It is just such a big, strong score, perfect for sword slashing and Hellspawn fighting.

Gabriel’s Oboe (Ennio Morricone) — At the end of the book, Beck’s emotional admission to Riley is both heartbreaking and sad. Still, it gives us so much hope for these two.

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