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Now that I’ve completed the first draft of VALIANT LIGHT (Demon Trappers #6) I’ve “marked up” about 100 pages of it as I work on Draft #2.  So far I’m happy with it.

That doesn’t mean the story won’t slide off the rails further into the edit, but so far folks are doing what they should. Riley’s snarkiness (missing in the first draft) is fully engaged and Beck is being his lovable self. Lucifer is all things creepy, as one would expect of the CEO of Hell.

Hoping to have the second draft done before Christmas. That’s being *very* optimistic. Still, it’s nice to have goals. As the late Douglas Adams once said, “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” #VALIANTLIGHT

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    when is it going to be published?

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    Desperate for Valiant Light😩

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    hi jana

    what is the date now that valiant light wil be comming out???
    cant wait 😉

    greetings nici

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