Why Cats Have It Great

Dali Dec. 2016

Dali Dec. 2016

Cats have it made. At least the indoor ones. They sleep most of the time, are fed regularly with on-demand scratches, playtime, treats. You name it, cats got it. All because they’re adorable furry tyrants who were smart enough to cozy up to some primitive humans and rid their caves of rats. Seems like a good bargain to me.

This is my cat, Dali, who is now nearly 11 years old. She’s a rescue who started out way skittish and now she’s queen of all she surveys. As it is with cats. Right now I wish I was here because napping on this gray, rainy day would be perfect.

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Hope your Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are bright. On to the New Year!


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    Sweet kitty. And thanks for the reminder that blog posts don’t need to be grand, involved treatises in order to draw the reader in. A cute picture of a cute pet, along with thoughts on said pet, can forge a connection with the reader just as effectively. Now I’m off to snap a few pics of my kitties, who are no doubt sunning themselves under the xmas tree in the living room. Happy New Year!!

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    Thank you! Sometimes I feel I need to say something profound and then I don’t post anything because Profound isn’t in my skillset that day. Cats are always a safe topic. Happy New Year to you and your felines!

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