Tangled Souls: The Goddess and the Saint

Tangled Souls: The Goddess and the Saint

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and The Lady Leprechaun Party on Facebook, here’s an article I wrote about Tangled Souls and the role of Brigit/Brigid in my paranormal romance.   When I was writing Tangled Souls , I was delighted to find that Irish mythology easily wove itself throughout the story. In many ways that wasn’t […]

2014 Appearance Schedule

I’ve been bad about posting my appearances on Facebook, so I figured I’d just put them here so everyone can get to them. Though it doesn’t look like it, 2014 is a quieter year than 2013. So here goes… April 221B Con (a convention for all you Sherlockians) – April 4-6 (Atlanta) JordanCon – April […]

Beck’s Birthday Party Winners

And the winners of the books for Beck’s Birthday Party are: Klara B Kirste V Kelley A Sheryl N Lea K Becky S Charmaine P I’ve sent emails to these folks so check your email box! Thanks to everyone who took part and made Beck’s day so special.

A Special Denver Beck Scene

A Special Denver Beck Scene

In honor of Den’s birthday, here’s an entirely new scene set a few weeks after the end of the fourth book. To better understand what’s going on in this scene, please check out this one FIRST, the “Riley Kicked to the Curb” scene. Enjoy!!!   February, 2018 Atlanta, Georgia Riley Blackthorne found it nearly impossible […]

Some of Denver Beck’s Favorite Songs

A few of Denver Beck’s Favorite Tunes!

Denver Beck's Birthday Party

Denver Beck’s Birthday Party

In celebration of Denver Beck’s birthday (February 28th) we’re having a contest! Denver Beck’s Birthday Party Contest! Throughout the week I’ll be posting some of Beck’s favorite music on Facebook along with some of the most memorable Backwooods Boy moments. Come join in the party! (Post the answer to the question in the comments. Also, […]

Retro Thursday - Blog Posts from the Past

Retro Thursday – Blog Posts from the Past

Since it’s Throwback Thursday on Facebook, I decided to pull one of my old Live Journal blog posts from the past to share with you folks. I’ll do this now and then in between new posts. This one comes to you from Sept. 2010 and is entitled ZOMBIES, BEACHES & VODKA Zombies, beaches and vodka. […]

One Week Later (in the New Food World)

One Week Later (in the New Food World)

– For the “backstory” on what I’m writing about, please see this post – So I’m one week in on the new gluten/dairy (etc.) free diet. Since some of you have asked how I’m faring, here goes: After seven full days of ridiculously healthy food, I am relieved to find that I have no desire […]

A Little Help Needed Please....

A Little Help Needed Please….

 Looks like 2014 is definitely going to be one of change. Not to worry — I’m keeping the same husband, house, job and such like that. It’s the food that has to change because it’s slowly trying to kill me. It appears I have food intolerance issues (as compared to allergies like those folks for […]

Workshop Notice! How to Write a Young Adult Novel That Rocks

  I will be offering a class on how to write YA novels in the Atlanta area in February. It’s FREE!!! ** Registration is required due to room capacity** YAWorkshopOliver  (click here for the flyer!) Saturday, February 1, 2014 Time: 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Northeast/Spruill Oaks Branch Library  Community Meeting Room 9560 Spruill Road […]