Demon Trapper’s Daughter

(c) 2011 Jana Oliver

Oakland Cemetery & Signed Copies of My Books

Looking for signed copies of my Demon Trappers series? And a grand afternoon out at one of Atlanta’s most historic sites? Oakland Cemetery has the first two books of my series in their gift shop, all signed and ready to go. For those of you who know the series a number of major scenes happen […]

Beck’s Birthday Party Winners

And the winners of the books for Beck’s Birthday Party are: Klara B Kirste V Kelley A Sheryl N Lea K Becky S Charmaine P I’ve sent emails to these folks so check your email box! Thanks to everyone who took part and made Beck’s day so special.

Tanja Seelbach, Fiction Editor

In Which I Reveal an Award!

I’ve been sitting on a secret for about a month now and I can finally reveal it. And it is truly awesome. The first book in the German edition of the Demon Trappers Series, which is entitled Die Dämonen Fängerin: Aller Anfang ist Hölle (The Demon Catchers: Every Beginning is Hell) is the 2011/2012 Moerser Jugendbuch […]

Snippet of the Day

A wee bit more Ori! In Ori’s experience it was quite easy to find a demon, especially the ones that ate everything. All you had to do was pitch your ears toward the snarls and home in. He’d already found two of the older, more feral ones, but they hadn’t been helpful. He’d left their […]

Today’s Snippet

A reader asked for a snippet with Riley and Beck so I chose one that features what they do best: drive each other nuts. ‘Nothin’ would keep a couple of Pyros from torchin’ your apartment buildin’, just so that Five can get ya.’ Riley hadn’t thought of that. It seemed pretty farfetched, but fiends attacking […]

Snippet Friday

Since not everyone is on Facebook, here’s the SOUL THIEF snippets for the last two Fridays: 6/8 Simi pulled out a chair and took a seat. Her bag, a plush vampire with huge purple fangs, dropped on the table in front of her. ‘Why are you here? You’re not working today,’ Riley muttered. ‘Looking for […]

What’s Up in the Demon Trapper Series

A recap for those of you confused by titles, publication dates and such. Here’s what I know about the series to date: US Editions: THE DEMON TRAPPER’S DAUGHTER (Feb. 1, 2011) SOUL THIEF (Aug. 30 2011) Book #3 (Spring 2012) UK Editions: FORSAKEN (Jan. 7, 2011) FORBIDDEN (Aug 5,2011) FORGIVEN (Spring 2012) German Editions: ALLER […]

Bad Boys of Teen Books

Paperback Dolls is hosting their Bad Boys of Teen Books’ week and Desi (one of the Dolls) has weighed in on Denver Beck. He ranked #2  for hotness right after Cole of Maggie Steifvater’s Wolves of Mercy Creek series. “My second book hottie is none other than Denver Beck from Jana Oliver’s Demon Trapper’s Daughter […]

Book Expo America 2011

Book Expo America 2011

I’m headed toward NYC and BEA in a few hours. If you’re at this event and get a chance to drop by one of my signings, trip me in the exhibit hall, offer to buy me libations, just be sure to stay hi. Don’t be surprised if I have a “author in the headlights” look. […]

AnachroCon Schedule

AnachroCon Schedule

I’ll be at AnachroCon this weekend beginning Friday afternoon (see the Events link for full details). Come by and join us. Excellent costumes, amazing bands, lots of fun. Here’s my panels: Saturday 9:00am – 9:45am Alternate History vs. Revisionist History. In this panel, we’ll be talking about the fine line between creating alternate history versus […]