FORGIVEN Book Signing

FORGIVEN Book Signing

The book launch for FORGIVEN was held the last day of March (didn’t want to be an April fool) at one of my favorite Barnes & Noble stores. So on to the report: About thirty some souls came by to hear me talk about the series, read a section from the last book (the fourth […]



FORGIVEN CONTEST! The books have arrived on my doorstep! Win a copy of FORGIVEN (plus some Demon Trapper swag) before you can buy it in the stores! I’ll draw the winners on Wednesday March 21st at 8 p.m. EDT and I’ll contact those folks that very night. Yes, that’s WINNERS. I’ll give away THREE books this […]

FORGIVEN Snippet #4

And finally, snippet #4. As usual, spoilers abound. Setting: Oakland Cemetery Situation: Riley and those angels ### Though she’d told Beck she was heading to Stewart’s, the moment Riley turned the key in the ignition, Ori’s voice called out to her. Right on time— it was nearly dawn. “Go away, angel. If you’re bored, talk […]

FORGIVEN Snippet #3

Time for snippet #3. Setting: Street near the warehouse Riley and Peter were staking out. Situation: Trappers about to make a raid on *** ### When the trappers arrived, Riley and Beck walked to the end of the street to meet them. It was a small team: Masters Stewart and Harper, along with Journeymen Trappers […]

FORGIVEN Snippet #2

And now for the second snippet from FORGIVEN.  If you haven’t read the first two books, this will be a spoiler. You’ve been warned 😉 Setting: The rooftop of a building Situation: Riley and Peter are on stakeout in an attempt to bust the fake Holy Water scam. ### Peter pushed off from the roof […]

FORGIVEN Snippet #1

It’s that time of year again so here’s the first snippet from FORGIVEN, the third book in the Demon Trappers Series. If you haven’t read the first two books, these snippets will be spoilers. You’ve been warned 😉 Setting: Westin Peachtree Plaza (downtown Atlanta hotel) Situation: Beck has been arrested by the Vatican’s Demon Hunters […]


Forgiven Book Three in the Demon Trappers Series (excerpt from Chapter Two) Riley stood alone in a field of crisp, freshly fallen snow. There was nothing around her, no buildings, no people. High above a blood-red moon held court in the sky, thousands of stars paying homage. A breeze tugged at her hair and it […]

It's December Already?

It’s December Already?

December? What? When did that happen? Oy! My fall has been interesting. From Dragon*Con  (Labor Day) forward I’ve been living on a rollercoaster with occasional breaks for changes of clothes, food and sleep. But now I have reached the end of the ride and things will settle down. Since Labor Day I have: Been to […]