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Top secret

In Which I Admit A Secret

Pseudonym: nom de plume/pen name, alias Short version: Chandler Steele is a pen name. The actual person behind the Veritas Series is me. And who is me? Jana Oliver. I’ve been in the publishing biz since 2001, been writing since 1998. My books have been published by small presses, big presses and independently. My most […]

Fantitlement? Or Wow, What’s Happening Here?

I was recently contacted by a reader who wondered if it was coincidence that Riley Blackthorne’s name was very similar to Cassie Clare’s Shadowhunter family (Blackthorn). It was, actually. Riley and, more particularly her father, were named as an homage to actor Paul Blackthorne of The Dresden Files. And I”ve always loved that surname. However, while […]

What's Next or You Heard It Here First

What’s Next or You Heard It Here First

The short version: My standalone YA novel,  BRIAR ROSE, has been contracted to my UK publisher, Macmillan Children’s Books in London!!! At present we’re looking at an early Spring 2014 release, though that might change down the line. The much longer version with all sorts of publishing backstory and deets: Now that FORETOLD (Book #4) […]

Of the Fourth Book

I’ve been working on Demon Trappers #4 for some time, but now it’s official! St. Martin’s Press in the US has bought the book. I’m guessing I’ll hear the same of my UK publisher (Macmillan Children’s Books) pretty soon. Which leads to a series of potential questions from y’all: 1) When will it be out? Don’t […]

Books of the New Variety

Books of the New Variety

May has been a good month for new books. Two of my author friends have new additions to their series. The first is Jeri Smith-Ready’s SHIFT, the second book in her intriguing and very unique young adult series which debuted May 3rd. Aura’s life is anything but easy.  Her boyfriend Logan died, and his slides […]

You’re Outta Here!

Welcome to my new blog! First a shout out to Stephenie Meyer for hitting #5 on the 2009 Most Challenged Books list. Way to go, girl!!! The list is compiled by the ALA (American Library Association) which tallies up those books most often requested to be removed from library shelves because they are deemed offensive in […]