Dali Dec. 2016

Why Cats Have It Great

Cats have it made. At least the indoor ones. They sleep most of the time, are fed regularly with on-demand scratches, playtime, treats. You name it, cats got it. All because they’re adorable furry tyrants who were smart enough to cozy up to some primitive humans and rid their caves of rats. Seems like a […]

My Favorite Fairy Tale

My Favorite Fairy Tale

And the winner is….   There are a number of fairy tales I’ve enjoyed over the years, but I’ve always been rather fond of Cinderella. I figure it’s because I was an only child who got stuck with washing the dishes or sweeping and dusting the house. Especially scrubbing the pots and pans. Argh. I […]

Wherein I Discover I'm Irish

Wherein I Discover I’m Irish

This is the first year that I realized I was Irish. Now you might find that odd, but when I was adopted the agency told my parents I was English and French. Nowadays, with DNA testing readily available, I discovered I’m actually over 52% British and Irish and only 17% French. I suspect my birth […]

My Thoughts on Terry Pratchett

My Thoughts on Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett had a profound influence on my life. Between his amazing stories, his wit, humor and sharp prodding at human frailties, I found hours of enjoyment as I trudged the streets of Anhk Morpork with Sam Vimes, or fought nasty fairies alongside Tiffany Aching. I honored him in my Time Rovers series (Cynda rents […]

Back at Work

Back at Work

After a glorious weekend in Chattanooga (I really like that town) I’m back at my desk. Connooga went very well. I reconnected with some author buds, met some new folks and sold a healthy number of books. Always a win-win in my opinion. The spouse and I opted to stay at the Residence Inn this […]

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Happy Lunar New Year!

20 years ago I celebrated the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong. I vividly remember joining countless others on the Peak overlooking Victoria Harbour, gathering there two hours before the fireworks began because it was *so* crowded. I attempted (and pretty much failed) to get a decent photograph of the fireworks, but it was still […]

What I'm Doing While Not Blogging

What I’m Doing While Not Blogging

And BOOM we have a first draft of the New Adult murder mystery set in New Orleans. The Spouse (aka HIM) has marked up the first 2/3’s of the manuscript so while he’s reading the back portion, I’ll start Draft #2. I’m a couple weeks *behind* where I wanted to be on my writing schedule, […]

Northwest Adventure -- Doing the Train Thing

Northwest Adventure — Doing the Train Thing

The spouse and I love trains and so whenever we get a chance to go somewhere on one, we’re all over that. We decided that the two day trip from Seattle to Chicago would best be enjoyed on the Empire Builder. We rented a bedroom and settled in for the trip. U.S. train travel is […]

Northwest Adventure - Portland & Seattle

Northwest Adventure – Portland & Seattle

Portland and Seattle The spouse and I usually have one big holiday a year and this time we went to the Northwest United States, a combo of planes and trains getting us around. Neither of us had ever been to Portland so it was a wonderful surprise, a very open and pretty town that boasts […]

Headed Into Fall or Being Bug Phobic

Headed Into Fall or Being Bug Phobic

The official dividing line between Summer and Fall (at least for me) is DragonCon weekend (a.k.a. Labor Day weekend here in the US). Once we’re past that date, it’s Fall. And I love this time of year.  It can be a bit wet in Atlanta as we get secondary storms due to tropical depressions/hurricanes. And […]