Outtakes & Snippets

VALIANT LIGHT – Chapter Three

VALIANT LIGHT Chapter Three Pluscarden Abbey Scotland If someone had told Denver Beck that a poor boy from South Georgia would spend a full week hanging with Benedictine monks at an abbey in northern Scotland, he’d have told them they were drunk or stoned. Or both. Nevertheless, he had done just that at Pluscarden Abbey. […]


VALIANT LIGHT Chapter Two   In contrast to Riley’s nocturnal sojourns into rural Georgia, the school’s front lobby was bright and cheery. As she saw it, anything would be an improvement as long as there wasn’t a necro throwing spells at her. The last time she’d delivered a presentation at a high school had been […]


VALIANT LIGHT Chapter One March 2019 Atlanta, Georgia Riley Blackthorne wasn’t alone in this dark and desolate Georgia pasture. No, she had a companion out here in the middle of nowhere, a friend. In this case, a necromancer—one who wore an extremely worried expression. That’s not good. Senior Summoner Mortimer Alexander was a little shorter […]

Dead Easy Chapters 1 & 2

Dead Easy Chapters 1 & 2

DEAD EASY CHAPTER ONE May 2015 New Orleans Jessie Kilpatrick was beginning to regret her plan. It’d been a great idea: drag her hermit of a sister out on a sultry May night to take a stroll around the French Quarter. Maybe even have some fun together, like it used to be. Anything would be […]

Briar Rose – First Chapter

The first chapter of BRIAR ROSE: Prologue      Inch by inch, the strange powder sifts out of the bag behind the silent figure along the journey around the darkened house. In the distance, a neighbour’s dog wails, as if it senses the foul magic. Perhaps even senses the anger and the loss that brings this person […]

Beck & Jackson Scene from FORGIVEN

Not everything I write finds its way into the final book. This is an outtake from FORGIVEN (Demon Trappers Book #3) and it happens right before Riley and Beck share a deep conversation and a cookie on Stewart’s porch the night before the final battle with Sartael. Beck has been tracking the people responsible for […]

*The* Riley & Beck Scene

One of the key dynamics in the Demon Trappers series is an event between Riley and Beck that occurred two years before the first book. This is that interaction (I call it the “Riley kicked to the curb” scene) and it sets up their tumultuous relationship. It explains why Riley detests him so much and why […]

FORETOLD Snippet #5

FORETOLD Snippet #5

While Riley and Beck are in South Georgia, things are heating up in Atlanta. This concludes the snippets for the new book. Hope you enjoyed them! FORETOLD 2018 Atlanta, Georgia Stewart stood at the far end of the shopping mall near two magic users he now considered friends: Mortimer Alexander, a summoner, and Ayden the […]

FORETOLD Snippet #4

After Beck and Riley have visited his mom in the hospital, he takes her to his childhood home. This is told from his point-of-view as Riley explores his past. FORETOLD 2018 Sadlersville, Georgia Beck took the side streets to Sadie’s house, concerned about Riley’s silence since they’d left the hospital. That was Sadie’s trick: she’d […]

FORETOLD Snippet #3

As mentioned before, there are spoilers in this section. Beck takes Riley to the diner in Sadlersville, where she finds that his return to town is not welcomed by the locals. FORETOLD 2018 Sadlersville, Georgia ‘How can you eat that much?’ she asked, still picking at her own meal. The burger had been enormous and the […]