2015 Appearances

Folks have asked what events I will be attending this year, so here’s the deal. I have a *hugely* busy writing schedule (I usually write 2.5 books a year, if I’m lucky, and this year I’m aiming for double that) so I won’t be out and about as much as in years past.    1) […]

What I'm Doing While Not Blogging

What I’m Doing While Not Blogging

And BOOM we have a first draft of the New Adult murder mystery set in New Orleans. The Spouse (aka HIM) has marked up the first 2/3’s of the manuscript so while he’s reading the back portion, I’ll start Draft #2. I’m a couple weeks *behind* where I wanted to be on my writing schedule, […]

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

If you’re ever been trapped in a car with whiny children (or adults) you’ve heard this before: “Are we there yet?” Well, I’ve been saying that a lot the last couple of weeks as we finish writing our non-fiction book Socially Engaged: The Author’s Guide to Social Media. It’s getting there, chapter by chapter, but […]

Workshop Notice! How to Write a Young Adult Novel That Rocks

  I will be offering a class on how to write YA novels in the Atlanta area in February. It’s FREE!!! ** Registration is required due to room capacity** YAWorkshopOliver  (click here for the flyer!) Saturday, February 1, 2014 Time: 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM Northeast/Spruill Oaks Branch Library  Community Meeting Room 9560 Spruill Road […]

Something New!

Something New!

Before I wrote young adult stories I penned a few adult ones. Disclaimer: that would be “adult” in the sense that the hero or heroine is older than 20, not the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY type. I know better than to cross THAT line. So I am pleased to announce the e-publication of a contemporary […]

The State of the Jana

The State of the Jana

Just popping in long enough to let you guys know I’m on the downhill run on BRIAR ROSE which will be off to my London editor this weekend. It’s turned out to be a surprising story, one I hadn’t quite anticipated. Right now I’m cleaning up continuity issues because I came up with a nifty […]

What's Next or You Heard It Here First

What’s Next or You Heard It Here First

The short version: My standalone YA novel,  BRIAR ROSE, has been contracted to my UK publisher, Macmillan Children’s Books in London!!! At present we’re looking at an early Spring 2014 release, though that might change down the line. The much longer version with all sorts of publishing backstory and deets: Now that FORETOLD (Book #4) […]

A Writer's World: Part the First

A Writer’s World: Part the First

Every author receives questions from those who are beginning to put paper to pen or fingers to keyboard. Over the last month or so I’ve received more than one e-mail about the subject and had to say “Ah, sorry, no way I can answer this or I don’t make deadline.” Since Book #3 just went […]

Of Work & Play & Life

Of Work & Play & Life

I’ve been so quiet I figured I should catch you folks up on what’s happening in my world. Nothing major going on, just the usual but there have been some interesting moments. Work: Right now I’ve completed the following for Book #2 (entitled SOUL THIEF in the US, FORBIDDEN in the UK): Revisions and Copy Edits […]

Dead Robots' Society Podcast

Dead Robots’ Society Podcast

Always a pleasure to do a podcast with the pros and the Dead Robots’ Society (Justin, Terry and Eliyanna) are not an exception. We talk about my writing techniques and my transition from self-pub, small press and big press. We chat about Jack the Ripper, time travel, demons and Lucifer. Something for everyone! Be sure […]