VALIANT LIGHT – Chapter Three

VALIANT LIGHT Chapter Three Pluscarden Abbey Scotland If someone had told Denver Beck that a poor boy from South Georgia would spend a full week hanging with Benedictine monks at an abbey in northern Scotland, he’d have told them they were drunk or stoned. Or both. Nevertheless, he had done just that at Pluscarden Abbey. […]


VALIANT LIGHT Chapter Two   In contrast to Riley’s nocturnal sojourns into rural Georgia, the school’s front lobby was bright and cheery. As she saw it, anything would be an improvement as long as there wasn’t a necro throwing spells at her. The last time she’d delivered a presentation at a high school had been […]


VALIANT LIGHT Chapter One March 2019 Atlanta, Georgia Riley Blackthorne wasn’t alone in this dark and desolate Georgia pasture. No, she had a companion out here in the middle of nowhere, a friend. In this case, a necromancer—one who wore an extremely worried expression. That’s not good. Senior Summoner Mortimer Alexander was a little shorter […]

Dali Dec. 2016

Why Cats Have It Great

Cats have it made. At least the indoor ones. They sleep most of the time, are fed regularly with on-demand scratches, playtime, treats. You name it, cats got it. All because they’re adorable furry tyrants who were smart enough to cozy up to some primitive humans and rid their caves of rats. Seems like a […]

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Progress Report

Now that I’ve completed the first draft of VALIANT LIGHT (Demon Trappers #6) I’ve “marked up” about 100 pages of it as I work on Draft #2.  So far I’m happy with it. That doesn’t mean the story won’t slide off the rails further into the edit, but so far folks are doing what they […]

SPECIAL E-Book Promotion on KOBO!

Beginning today, SOJOURN (the first book in the multi-award winning Time Rovers series – a mashup of fantasy, science fiction, romance and historical mystery) is on sale at Kobo.  Set in the mean streets during the Autumn of Terror (think Jack the Ripper 1888), SOJOURN introduces us to Jacynda Lassiter, a Time Rover who is one […]

Top secret

In Which I Admit A Secret

Pseudonym: nom de plume/pen name, alias Short version: Chandler Steele is a pen name. The actual person behind the Veritas Series is me. And who is me? Jana Oliver. I’ve been in the publishing biz since 2001, been writing since 1998. My books have been published by small presses, big presses and independently. My most […]


There were eight entries to the contest so I decided to ship all of you copies. I’ll be following up with an e-mail about logistics, etc. very soon. Thank you for being part of the DEAD EASY launch!

Dead Easy Chapters 1 & 2

Dead Easy Chapters 1 & 2

DEAD EASY CHAPTER ONE May 2015 New Orleans Jessie Kilpatrick was beginning to regret her plan. It’d been a great idea: drag her hermit of a sister out on a sultry May night to take a stroll around the French Quarter. Maybe even have some fun together, like it used to be. Anything would be […]

Fantitlement? Or Wow, What’s Happening Here?

I was recently contacted by a reader who wondered if it was coincidence that Riley Blackthorne’s name was very similar to Cassie Clare’s Shadowhunter family (Blackthorn). It was, actually. Riley and, more particularly her father, were named as an homage to actor Paul Blackthorne of The Dresden Files. And I”ve always loved that surname. However, while […]