Tangled Souls

Wiccan Gavenia Kingsgrave’s psychic gift, the ability to talk to the dead, comes with strings attached. As a Shepherd, she escorts them into the hereafter, but not all the souls want to croTangled Soulsss over, and some can be downright vicious. When her latest case involves a heart-breaking hit-and-run victim, Gavenia is stressed to the max. The last thing she needs is a no-nonsense private detective on her tail, even if he is a handsome Irishman.

Former homicide detective Douglas O’Fallon possesses his own psychic gift, one he’s denied for years. Hired by a wealthy client to prove that Gavenia’s a con artist, he is skeptical of the witch’s claims she can speak to the dead. If he finds her gift as genuine, then he will be forced to accept his own. When their two cases intersect, opposites attract. But will they be able to set their differences aside long enough to outwit their foes – both the living and the dead?

Why I Wrote Tangled Souls:

This story had a long gestation, some ten years in the making. During that time I have returned to the manuscript when my schedule permitted, though the story is pretty much as you see it even back at the beginning. Gavenia and O’Fallon have always waited patiently for their tale to be told and now it’s their moment in the sun. The story is a standalone adult paranormal romance with a couple of mysteries thrown in to keep you guessing. There’s even a parrot!

The original idea for the story came from an article about a lightworker who helps the dead across the Veil. Back in 1983, she and other like-minded folks were in the middle of a ritual when the spirits of dead soldiers walked through the walls of their room drawn by their light. Shaken by the experience, the woman pointed the men toward the veil and they crossed over. It was only later they realized that the exact moment when the soldiers appeared was when the Marine barracks was bombed in Beirut, leaving countless dead.

That story has remained with me for years and I decided to write a book about a Shepherd and a private detective who learn to accept the gifts they’ve been given and, along the way, find each other. And now TANGLED SOULS is ready for the world. Hope you enjoy it.

Tangled Souls is available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, ibooks and GooglePlay. A print edition is also available.

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    I absolutely loved your Demon Trapper series. I like your writing style very much. I had sort of a respect for the Demon Trapper series because I am a Georgia native and live very close to Atlanta. Do you ever do any book festivals? I was just recently in Decatur for a book festival. If so, maybe you could let me know. I would love to get my books autographed and meet you. I don’t know if this book is for sale in stores around here, but now that I know that it exists, I will be looking for it to buy. Continue the great writing and know that I’m a fan!
    Wendy Railey – wendyrailey(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    En ehtinyt joulun aikaan blogeihin lainkaan, mutta kiva kuulla, että siellä oli kiva joulu. Ihanaa saada ystävä vieraaksi Tapanina! Hauska tuo Nukke-Maikkilan joinakulelterukooste, katselin kuvia mielelläni. Olette kyllä olleet todella ahkeria, kun jaksoitte pitää nettijoulukalenteria. 🙂

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